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Assembly Workstations - ergonomic Workstation Systems and Production Islands

The advantages and possibilities for your production:

Expandable and individually configurable

  • workstation systems
  • testing and inspection workstations (e.g. in leak testing)
  • accessories and extensions (pick-by-light material guidance, balancer, etc.)
  • integration of process tools
  • packing workstations and packing tables

Ergonomig Workstations

  • optimum adaptation to your employees
  • ergonomic workplace design
  • easy on the back
  • increase in labour productivity
    One-Piece-Flow assembly lines

ESD Protection Measure

  •  needs-orientated equipment with ESD components or complete ESD solutions
  • protection of your production
  • fully equipped ESD assembly workstations

Simple Assembly

  • workstations are ready for use in no time at all
  • simple customisation
  • modular design

Electrically height-adjustable

  • ideal for shift operation and rotating assembly processes
  • minimal downtime due to easy handling


Customised assembly tables for smooth production processes

We develop assembly and production lines with any number of ergonomic industrial workstations according to the principle of lean production. Our aim is to ensure that materials and products flow continuously and that we organise your production processes as efficiently as possible.

An intelligent structure optimises and standardises work steps and processes in lean production. Units that do not contribute to value creation are eliminated and production factors – such as operating resources, materials and personnel – are utilised economically and time-efficiently.

We then design and build ergonomic workplace systems in which the human-machine interfaces are smoothly harmonised. This contributes to the quality of your products and at the same time increases the satisfaction and health of your employees. For productions with a shift system, we naturally design our assembly tables to be height-adjustable.

Are you interested in customised assembly workstations and our services in the field of lean production? Then we look forward to receiving your enquiry!


Depending on your requirements, we can supply various light sources for your CKO workstation.

Basic height-adjustable

Depending on the area of application, our work tables can be individually customised.
Electrically height-adjustable and with ESD protection on request.


We offer an extensive range of accessories to optimise production conditions.

Our practical configuration document and our accessories list serve as an overview and order template for your new assembly workstation.
assembly workstation.

Project examples: CKO assembly workstations - optimised material flow and efficient intralogistics

Do you have any questions?

 Whether you need a single workbench, a complex assembly line, ergonomic workstation systems or additional ESD protection: our experts will help you and answer your questions. Give us a call or send us a non-binding enquiry.

Lean Production and smooth workflows thanks to One-Piece-Flow assembly lines
Customised assembly systems - Made in Solingen

CKO stands for customised solutions that are not available off the shelf – optimally tailored to the production processes and requirements of our customers. Accessories, tools and modules can of course be extended.

In this project, we have developed a production island with an electric press for the assembly of housing parts. Particularly practical: the changing and differently sized workforce is provided with an ergonomic and comfortable working environment thanks to synchronised height-adjustable tables with memory function. The LED workplace lighting is infinitely dimmable and can be individually adjusted to the time of day and production shift.

One-piece flow or “employee-bound work flow” describes the logistical flow production in which several people carry out the respective work steps.

Integration of process tools

The centrepiece of this assembly line is the electric assembly press integrated in the middle with two-hand operation in a base frame made of aluminium profiles. The table top made of tool steel is on the same level as the press, which is characterised by force/displacement monitoring of up to 10 kN and is operated via a touch display. Programming and storage of travel profiles are also possible.

ergonomische Montagearbeitsplätze con CKO

Height-adjustable assembly tables, workstation systems and accessories customised to your exact specifications

With our configuration and accessories checklist, you can easily put together your customised assembly table.

Send us the completed form by e-mail so that we can provide you with a non-binding quotation. If you would like more detailed advice, you can use it as an overview.

Simply download and fill in (if you need an English document, please contact us)

Lean production: increasing the productivity, quality and flexibility of your processes

Lean production has been an integral part of our DNA since the company was founded in 2011. Even before that, some of our design engineers and employees were already working in this field. Our team is familiar with a wide range of production methods and testing processes and is constantly undergoing further training. We always keep an eye on the latest developments and innovations, but also draw on our many years of experience in the construction of workstations, workstation systems, modules and systems.

The possibilities for expansion are almost limitless and, for example, we can integrate ESD workstations, the smart rail transfer system from montratec and so-called “zero-defect manual workstations” on request. These include light-guided picking (pick-by-light), physical barriers and technical devices to prevent human error. We plan our workstations and systems with foresight and have high quality standards. That’s why we only use high-quality components that we are absolutely convinced of.

Whether it’s a single standard assembly station, guided material supply or complex workstation interlinking: we construct and design exactly according to your wishes and production requirements.

Lean Production: How do we approach your project?

Before we start building a CKO assembly line or workstation, we scrutinise your existing and planned production processes. We liaise directly with you and plan the project together.

Following the planning and 3D design, we build your customised production unit after approval. This is set up in our production hall so that you and your employees can test all assembly and work steps on your new system. If you bring the materials for further processing with you, you can check directly on site whether all processes are working smoothly or whether we need to make any adjustments.

After final acceptance following the test run, we deliver the new lean production workstations or production units to you. You can order spare parts from us at any time and replace individual elements. We take dynamic production processes into account during planning, which is why new components can be easily integrated into our workstations.

ESD Assembly Tables
Protect your production safely from electrostatics

ESD (Electro Static Discharge) describes an electrostatic discharge between two bodies. ESD protection measures are therefore necessary in many work areas of electronics processing production. These prevent damage to sensitive components.

We equip your workplace systems with individual products or complete ESD solutions as required.


  • ESD earthing systems
  • ESD chairs
  • ESD table and floor coverings
  • ESD measuring and testing devices
Faultless manual labour? The "Poka Yoke" modular system makes it possible!

Despite automation and digitalisation, some complex work steps still have to be carried out manually. With the “zero-error manual workstation” concept, we have developed a flexible modular system that prevents human error while increasing the productivity and quality of your production.

Your advantages with Poka Yoke?

Depending on your requirements, we can supplement your workstation system or assembly table with individual elements or a complete solution. The intelligent modules can be integrated into existing systems and are compatible with standard tools and equipment. For example, a display that shows parts lists and assembly instructions supports your employees during familiarisation. In addition, stocks are monitored and production delays due to missing components are prevented.

Other elements include pick-by-light material guidance and physical barriers in the form of hinged doors. These prevent “reaching next to” by only allowing access to exactly those components that are required for the respective assembly step.