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Product Development

"We love new Products"

With the curiosity of children, with the passion of an artist, with the ingenuity of an engineer – or perhaps it’s a typical Berg characteristic:
We tinker inquisitively with your product until it is perfect. We see ourselves as a team with the customer. We accompany you from the initial idea, through design, prototypes to production and commissioning. In the end, we are proud to be part of a completely new product.


Medical Technology, Aviation, Packaging, Mechanical Engineering, Chemicals, Automotive

We work for all industries that require customised products. We specialise in mechanics and precision engineering. Combined with pneumatic or hydraulic systems and customised electronic control systems, we develop unique components.

To develop your products, we use all modern manufacturing technologies for metal and plastic processing, such as rapid prototyping, deep-hole drilling, plastic injection moulding, wire and die-sinking EDM, laser and water jet cutting.

But despite all the technical possibilities: The most valuable aspect of development is the desire to find the right idea.