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Spline Gauges / Go - No Go Gauges for Splines


Spline Gauges Variants and Services

We offer you the following variants of spline gauges in all common national and international standards:

  • Gear Ring Gauges
  • Spline Plug Gauges
  • Master Setting Rings

Inspection of Splines

Spline gauges in accordance with German and international standards are the ideal way to check splines and splines quickly and safely with reliable repeatability. This saves you the time-consuming measurement with complex and cost-intensive technologies, which is not necessary here.

Gears are tested with:

  • Serration Flanks
  • Straight-sided Flanks
  • Splines with involute

The decisive factor in the quality control of splines is the comparison with a fixed gauge as a dimensional standard. The result is a qualitative statement about the test object.


Fully-splined and sector-splined Go Gauges

The criteria “good” for “OK” or “reject” for “not OK” decide quickly and easily whether the toothed workpiece can be installed.

You can use our fully toothed good gauges and sector-toothed reject gauges (these only have two tooth spaces) to quickly and reliably check the quality of your splines. They are used to check

  • splines with involute splines according to e.g. DIN 5480, DIN 5482, ANSI B92.1
  • splines with notch flanks according to e.g. DIN 5481
Verzahnungslehren Prüfzertifikat
Included in delivery - CKO test certificate

Master setting rings calibrate your measurement technology. In other words, they set it to zero. In most cases, they are used for actual dimension testers. Then you only measure the deviation from zero that occurs.

The scope of delivery includes the calibrated gauge with gauge drawing and the test certificate. High adherence to delivery dates and cost-effectiveness are a matter of course for us.